Loan for Marginally Employed

Anyone who has low-income jobs these days does not have an easy time. Not infrequently, he is excluded, both in the social sense and in the financial world. Many do not think that coping with a very low salary is very difficult, especially if children live in the family. Then it gets even closer.

The applicant receives child benefit, but it will not be enough in front and in the back. Banks are increasingly visited by this group of people to ask for a loan for marginal employees. These will be immediately disappointed, because they will get the statement that they will not get a loan for marginal workers. Not even the house bank is ready, because they know the financial position of the customer exactly.

No credit for marginal employees – every bank like that?

No credit for marginal employees - every bank like that?

There are countless forms of credit that can be taken. Consumers think that maybe they will succeed at another bank and start looking. This search will not be successful, because as security always a proof of income must be provided, with an attachable income. Since this proof can not be provided by this group of persons, they are also excluded from other banks.

A loan without private credit is taken abroad and it has certainly heard many of them. private credit works only with banks in Germany. Thus, the private credit fails as a security, because banks always check the credit rating. In order for the foreign bank to provide a loan, a salary statement is also required here. The salary is often the only security that can be provided. Thus, a loan for marginal employees abroad is not possible.

Are there alternatives?

Are there alternatives?

The only alternatives are to find a private individual who is prepared to take the risk that the loan amount can not be repaid and takes out a loan or guarantees the loan as a guarantor. It will be very difficult and often these people can only be found in the family or among friends. If a sum is borrowed here, then this should absolutely be recorded in writing. It would not be the first time that family members or friends were in trouble over money. This can not happen with a contract because both sides know what they are and what their obligations are.